Fall Bucket List


Hello everyone! It’s been a while (over a month) but I am so excited to be back. I’ve tried to keep up with blogging but school has me crazy busy so it is hard for me to find time and motivation to blog. Luckily for me, this week is my fall break so I have a whole week to spend blogging and doing fall things! What better way to compile a fall bucket list than with a printable?! CLICK THE PDF ATTACHMENT BELOW TO PRINT IT OUT!


This bucket list applies to the entirety of autumn but I am going to try to do as many activities  as possible this week because I finally have a break. The top things that I would like to do are: go to a pumpkin patch, read a book since I haven’t been able to because of SAT studying, and get a PSL but that’s always on the itinerary. I would love to see pictures if you do any of the activities so make sure to use my hashtag #simplysydneerose so I can check out your pics!! Also comment below one thing that you’re definitely going to do this week!!



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